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                                                         Definition of 'Yogaffinity'


Yoga            -  A Sanskrit word which means union; A system of techniques involving postures, breathing and meditation

                               that together create  a union between the mind, body and spirit.


Affinity        -      Relationship, connection;  An attractive force of varying strengths for various elements.


Yogaffinity -    The union of Yoga and Affinity;  A practice that connects mind and body and encourages a relationship with

                              the internal forces and spirit within.

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Temporary changes to classes due to holidays


Mondays:       6th May  - No class - bank holiday                    Tuesdays:     7th May - No class - holiday

                      13th May - No class - holiday                                                    14th May - No class - holiday


Thursdays:    2nd May - No class as hall used as Polling Station

                       9th May - No class - holiday

                      16th May - No class holiday.


All classes resume as per normal week commencing Monday 20th May.


Please join me on Facebook for further details on upcoming events.