Hatha Flow Yoga



This class is greatly influenced from the traditional Hatha Yoga practices and once the initial settling, breath awareness and warm-up exercises have been completed we will transition into a flowing Vinyasa sequence of movements designed to build and move the energy within.  The definition of Vinyasa is the linking of body movement with breath - the Dance of Prana.  These movements will be synchronised to the breath enabling the union of the physical body with the breath, the body's vital life force that we know as being 'prana'.  Following the vinyasa practice we will then practice a variety of asana postures, moving the body through a range of forward, back and side bending movements as well as twists, balances and inversions, with the intention of linking them all together into a seamless Hatha Flow of movement.  Throughout the whole practice you will be encouraged to develop a deeper awareness of your physical body and your breath, as well as inviting a mindfulness throughout the whole practice, creating a union of mind, body and breath.    We will close this class by inviting a deep relaxation, journeying through the whole body.


Hatha Flow Yoga Classes


Mondays  - 7.30pm - 9.00pm - @ Chadwell Youth Hall, Waterson Road, Chadwell St Mary, Grays, Essex, RM16 4NX

Class prices:  £7 on a drop in basis or, £35 for 6 weeks over a pre-set period.